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About Mi2

About Mi2

Mi2 offers what is referred to as “domestic surveillance” – or, in simple terms, covertly observing the actions and behavior of a spouse, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, or other party of interest, when they are away on vacation (solo or so-called guys' or girls' trips) or business activities/events without you.

At Mi2, domestic surveillance is our focus – our specialty – as we believe knowing what your spouse or partner (or other trusted party) does when they believe they have “a free pass” is key to determining their actual loyalty and fidelity to you. Perceptions don’t always match reality, so if you’re looking for greater clarity, Mi2 can help.

Clients contact us when they have suspicions – when there have been perceived “red flags” and they want clarification – so they can better determine the way ahead with their relationship.

Win-win outcomes

The clarification (answers) – information acquired through covert observation and imagery (photo/short video) – may show your spouse, partner or other party is telling the truth and faithful, which will provide you with increased confidence and allow you to move forward with greater peace of mind.


Sometimes, however, Mi2 investigations reveal that concerns are valid, and you aren’t being paranoid. This information may be painful but will still allow you to move forward – taking action to deal with the bad news and, therefore, allowing you to heal and have the more informed option of potentially avoiding a future with an uncommitted, unfaithful spouse or partner.

Therefore, whether infidelity or other inappropriate behavior* is occurring or not, the outcome can be a “win-win” for clients. They are now often better placed to make decisions about their future – with or without their spouse, partner or other party of interest.

*We are generally referring to interactions with others, which are sexual or sexual in nature. We recognize, of course, that there are other forms of infidelity (e.g., financial, such as secret gambling) or inappropriate behavior.

Trust, but verify

But isn’t trust without “spying” essential to a strong relationship? After all, if you can’t trust your spouse or partner, who can you have confidence in? 

At Mi2, we're not counsellors or psychologists, but – in our view – one key to a happy, secure relationship is being sure to trust, but also (occasionally) to verify. We realize that not all infidelity looks – or starts out – the same, and that in many situations, the inappropriate behavior isn't part of the initial plan.


While some travel starts with the intent to "stray and play", others find themselves caught up in social gatherings, guys' or girls' trips, and business conferences, which often include large amounts of alcohol and environments extremely conducive to those vulnerable to what many would consider unfaithful behavior. A faithful partner is more likely to limit his or her participation in these after-hours activities, whereas some will use these opportunities to stray.  


Some people don’t want to know (or verify), and there’s nothing wrong with that, but for those that do – and your concerns involve a social or business trip of your spouse, partner, or other person of interest, to Mexico, Central America or the Caribbean – Mi2 can help get you additional information and better clarity regarding your unique situation.

Why use Mi2?

Speaking of trust, Mi2 offers trusted, honest, competent, confidential and professional surveillance services (see "Our Team" and link to our principal's LinkedIn profile below).


Based in Puerto Vallarta (PV), Mexico – on the Pacific Coast – Mi2 works primarily with Canadian, U.S. and European clients whose persons of interest (noted above) are travelling for business or vacation to PV, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, Manzanillo, Acapulco or other parts of Mexico (e.g., Cancun or Cozumel area), Central America or the Caribbean Islands. In special situations, Mi2 will accept assignments in other international locations.

Free consultation

For a no-charge, no-obligation, confidential consultation (phone/online video), contact us or 1-949-293-4703.

Note that we use Proton Mail as it provides trusted, encrypted email communication based out of Switzerland. And, of course, all our communications – whether for consultation only or contracted services – are completely confidential. For those contracting our services, all files and supporting imagery are deleted/destroyed once a case is complete and a final report sent to the client.

What doesn’t Mi2 investigate?

Mi2 focuses on infidelity and does NOT accept cases related to alleged criminal activity such as drug possession, use or distribution; theft, smuggling or money laundering; robbery or violent incidents – or anything that would in any way impinge on, or interfere with, the jurisdiction of police or the activities of cartels or other local groups or individuals.

We do, however, accept insurance fraud cases – for files originating with Canadian, U.S. and European-based insurance companies (or employers) that have persons of interest they believe are participating in physical activities (e.g., on vacation and engaged in water sports or other activities), which are inconsistent with their injury or disability claims.


          Our Team



Mark Giles  APR, BPE, CD, MDS, pcsc


Given the nature of our business, the only public-facing member of our team is our principal. His metropolitan, national and international law enforcement and public affairs background is provided to establish and build confidence with clients regarding the experience and credibility of the firm (Mi2) -- more details can be found at: .

Mark retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after 35 years of service (as a Regular Force member, and full- and part-time reservist) – the last 14 years as a senior officer – in military policing, public affairs and influence activities (psychological operations, civil-military cooperation and stakeholder relations). He also served for 15 years (full time) in civilian policing and correctional services – and was a part-time correspondent (reporter) for Blue Line, Canada's national law enforcement magazine, for almost five years.

Fit, capable, creative and paying meticulous attention to detail, Mark leads a small team (Mi2) with the capability to conduct surveillance and confidential investigations to assist clients in our areas of operation. 







Law enforcement


Mark's law enforcement-related background includes more than 10 years as a full-time police officer with the Calgary Police Service (CPS) – working in community policing (patrol), plain-clothes investigations, telecommunications and as a senior defensive tactics trainer; five years with the Alberta Correctional Service, and Court and Prisoner Security Branch; 12 years as a reserve military police officer, which included six years as officer commanding 14 (Calgary) Military Police Platoon; and 15 months with Public Safety Canada, as director for Vancouver 2010 (Winter Olympics) – based at the Integrated Security Unit – supervising a team responsible for emergency management and national security issues.












Public Affairs and Communications

During more than 22 years in public affairs (PA), communications and influence activities, Mark's career included four years as head of PA for the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal (military police) and National Investigation Service; chief of communications at Interpol in Lyon, France; and overseas operational deployments with Joint Task Force Europe in Riga, Latvia – as second-in-command with the information operations cell – and with Joint Task Force Iraq, based in Kuwait, as the senior PA officer. During this period, he also served four years with the Canadian Army's Influence Activities Task Force.



A graduate of advanced surveillance training in the UK, Mark did surveillance work during his plain-clothes assignments with the CPS and in other non-police settings. He is an honors graduate of the U.S. Defense Information School and has also completed private investigator training with the Centre for Security Training and Management (Toronto), and close protection training (top candidate) with the International Academy of Security and Close Protection (previously in Edmonton).


For a confidential, no-charge consultation: or 1-949-293-4703

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